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Object 04: Apartment 2+2
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Malinska, Croatia
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Krk, Croatia
Object 09: Apartment 2+1
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Krk, Croatia

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This is an attractive outing, due to the fact the visitors are taken into the "wild". Beli is poorly connected with the rest of the island, so in a way when coming to Beli, visitors experience a "trip to the past". Beli will exalt the visitors with its serenity. We also recommend the visit to the Eco- Centre Caput Insulae. The harmony of a human kind and nature is the vision of this Centre, while its mission is the preservation of the biodiversity. The goal is the protection of the griffon vulture population.

This outing takes the visitors beside the vulture's nests on the Beli cliff. The Centre gives its visitors the unique opportunity to see the vultures up close in the recovery area. There is also a labyrinth, with its 3000 rocks, which is a larger copy of the Chartres labyrinth from the 13th century

For those not in the mood for a walk, Beli offers a wonderful gravel beach surrounded by the beautiful and clean sea. There are also a few places with beverages and food. A boat trip to Beli lasts for about an hour with the stay at Beli of about three hours in total. The return from Beli lasts a bit longer due to a stop at Cape Pelova for the observation of the seabed.

Price: 60 €

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