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Object 01: Apartment nr. 2
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Krk, Croatia
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Krk, Croatia
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Krk, Croatia

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Visitors might have the impression the Island of Krk Bridge seems as one portion of the local highway leading towards the island, however this is far from the truth. This impressive bridge was built in 1980, which was not so long ago and it seems quite different from another perspective.

Sailing towards Cape Šilo, most visitors await the moment of the first glimpse of this construction giant with the excitement. Observing the Bridge from the sea, visitors are able to take a better look and admire its beauty and sheer size, as well as the elegant construction of its Small Arc.

After the passage underneath the Small Arc, visitors will have an additional opportunity to take a glimpse of the bridge in its entirety. This will surely be a breathtaking sight and a wonderful chance for a photo session with a bridge in the background.

While passing under the bridge's Large Arc, the visitors have the impression the bridge itself is only a few meters away. This is usually a thrilling moment in this outing. In addition, this excursion includes the possibility of enjoying the sights of the sea, as well as the towns of Njivice, Omišalj, Rijeka city in the distance, Opatija and the entire Riviera. Dolphins often accompany Litus and its passengers; however, this is something we cannot always predict or guarantee. One thing we can- the Bridge, which is always here.

Price: 16 €

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