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Object 70: Apartment 2+2
from 0,00 € /per night
Krk, Croatia
Object 88: Room nr. 7
from 30,00 € /per night
Krk, Croatia
Object 97: Apartment 4
from 48,00 € /per night
Krk, Croatia

Visit the beautiful island of Kosljun and one of the nicest and most protected bays on the Adriatic. Islet Košljun is renowned for its Franciscan monastery, heritage monument, which has a rich zoological collection and a library with old manuscripts.

The following is a panoramic tour of Punta city and its famous marina. We are going to end the many secluded sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees, swim, dive, visit the underwater world under the masks, and in the evening to reach the town of Krk, to catch the spectacular sunset.

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