Adriatic Kayak Adventure

On the beach Risika begins tour of indescribably beautiful coastline to Cape Glavine, passing by untouched diving locations and resting in sandy bays. On the way back we will visit the beach Potovosce, picturesque Vrbnik and Nada winery.

Cape Glavine is the last habitat of an extremely rare and endangered griffon vulture, which lives on the picturesque cliffs and rocky canyons on the north side of the island. Truly and impressive landscape where you will surely enjoy!

Visit the beautiful island of Kosljun and one of the nicest and most protected bays on the Adriatic. Islet Košljun is renowned for its Franciscan monastery, heritage monument, which has a rich zoological collection and a library with old manuscripts.

The following is a panoramic tour of Punta city and its famous marina. We are going to end the many secluded sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees, swim, dive, visit the underwater world under the masks, and in the evening to reach the town of Krk, to catch the spectacular sunset.

olden walls - are the series of sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters. They can be reached only by long walking tours by land or by sea, kayaking. Therefore they are a symbol of the virgin, untouched nature where you will enjoy your eyes and soul.

The sunset on the most beautiful beaches in the world is a special experience that you will always remember and carry in your heart.

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